Sponsored Pre-ASM Sessions

Sponsored pre-ASM Sessions

The following sponsored pre-ASM sessions can be attended by all delegates who have registered for the full Virtual ASM, as well delegates who have registered for a day on which these sessions are taking place.

Current Controversies in Australian Clinical Toxinology

Date: Wednesday 25 November 2020
Time: 0900 – 0945 (AEDT)

Australia has some of the most technically lethal venomous creatures on the planet, but the incidence of envenoming of humans and the number of fatalities are low compared to many other regions. Recent snake bite fatalities have highlighted a lack of consensus in care pathways and recommendations for Australian snakebite management. Similarly, there is a significant divergence in opinion about the  treatment of red back spider envenoming.

This presentation will discuss current approaches to diagnosis and management of envenoming from Australian snakes and red-back spiders, and considerations needed in areas without consensus on appropriate clinical response, including issues around use and dosing of antivenom.


Prof Julian White AM
Clinical Toxinologist & Head of Toxinology
Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Adelaide

Julian White AM, MB, BS, MD, FACTM is a clinical toxinologist and Head of Toxinology at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Adelaide. He has been managing cases of envenoming for 45 years and also has experience as a herpetologist and naturalist. He has undertaken venom research, has decades of experience teaching clinical toxinology and is the co-founder and Director of the Clinical Toxinology Short Course, University of Adelaide, the only comprehensive international-level course in this field globally, running regularly since 1997. He is an author on hundreds of publications in his field and a frequent invited speaker at international meetings. He has been a member of the International Society on Toxinology since 1982, following publication of his major monograph on snakebite, was Secretary of the Society 2009-2020 and is currently President of the Society and Chair of the Board of Clinical Toxinology. He has been involved with providing support to developing nations tackling a snakebite problem, most notably and recently, the Myanmar Snakebite Project, an Australian Government funded aid initiative. In 2015 the AMA recognised his contributions to clinical toxinology through an award for an “outstanding contribution to medicine”. In 2016 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his work in clinical toxinology.

Practical Management of DOACS in Cancer-Associated VTE and Haemorrhage: Recent Evidence for ED Physicians

Date: Friday 27 November 2020
Time: 0900 – 0945 (AEDT)

Join Professor Chris Ward, Haematologist, and Dr James Parks, Emergency Physician, as they discuss the latest data in VTE anticoagulation and its application to emergency medicine. In this session you will:

  • Review the latest data for DOACs in the management of cancer associated VTE
  • Understand bleeding rates with DOACs and LMWHs in cancer associated VTE
  • Understand the emergency and subsequent management of bleeding for VTE patients on a DOAC and the evidence and guidelines that support this

Prof Chris Ward
Clinical Haematologist
Department of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine
Royal North Shore Hospital

Professor Chris Ward is a Haematologist at Royal North Shore Hospital with clinical and research interests in coagulation and platelet biology. Prof. Ward is the Director of the Northern Blood Research Centre, supervising research in platelet function, hypercoagulability, and global tests of coagulation. He is lead investigator for clinical trials of new anticoagulants and thrombopoietin agonists at RNS. He has contributed to national and state advisory guidelines, on venous thrombosis prevention (NHMRC 2009) and for the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission. He has leadership roles in professional societies and was recently appointed a Council member of the International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.


Dr James Parks
Clinical Director, vCare Critical Care Telehealth and Transport Service
Western NSW Local Health District

Dr James Parks is currently the Clinical Director for the vCare critical care telehealth and transport service located in Western NSW and has more than a decade of experience as an Emergency Specialist at Sydney tertiary and other hospitals within NSW.

Previous roles have included the Director of Emergency Medicine for a metropolitan non-tertiary hospital, Director of Emergency Medicine Training and provision of medical support for remote environments, major events and aeromedical retrieval.

Dr Parks special interests have included the development of a variety of multi-professional clinical and human factors training programmes including practical techniques to manage critical care emergencies.

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